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Spare parts supplier for Chinese cars OOOVE

About company

We are happy to find new factories of manufacturers of spare parts for cars wishing to sell their products in Russia. Our dealer network and partnership relations in Russia are intensively developing, we can become a good distributor of your products.

Below we indicated our conditions for our customers, make sure that they are optimal for the development of sales of your products throughout Russia

Low prices

We have contracts with major Chinese manufacturers of spare parts and components for cars, as well as we have contracts with transport companies and we can offer the most favorable prices for our goods, which has a high quality.


Constant and diverse assortment provide complete staffing of the warehouse. Thanks to our professional team, we can promptly ship any quantity of goods to any regions of Russia.


We appreciate the comfort of our customers. Therefore, for maximum convenience, we provide a unique function of deferred payment. If the customer chooses this function, the manager will consult him on all the issues that arise and select the most comfortable condition for installments.

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